It’s warm outside, and let’s face it folks, who knows if September will be any cooler. Summer days are romanticized with picnics, splashing in the pool, and eating popsicles, but those activities are meant for the outdoors. You shouldn’t have to eat ten Otter-Pops to cool down while you are in your home. Installing air conditioning may be the solution you need.
Not only will air conditioning reduce the heat in your home, but it can also maintain necessary humidity, assist with ventilation, and improve air quality.


High humidity can cause mold growth, sleep discomfort, and can make you feel muggy even after you’ve just stepped out of the shower. But in low humidity, you are more prone to catch a cold and have dry skin. Though it may seem like humidity is the problem, humidity is important for heating and cooling systems. With the right levels, the moisture in the air is what cools you off in the warmer months and makes you feel warm when it’s chilly. Installing air conditioning will help regulate the humidity in your home and keep you comfortable.


Ventilation is what regulates humidity levels as the air conditioning unit moves air in and out of your home. Ventilation is also important for preventing air pollutants and removing unwanted smells—there’s a reason for the fan in the bathroom. Air conditioners are just one way to ventilate. Some people choose to open windows and doors to bring in the fresh air. While this method can be effective, it provides insects the opportunity to enter your home, unless you have screens covering your windows. Screens may keep out bugs, but they may not keep out unwanted visitors. An air conditioning installation would help ventilate your home and not put your privacy or security at risk.

Air Quality

Air conditioners use filters to catch pollutants and mold that may be circulating in your home. Air quality is important for everyone to stay healthy, but it is especially important for those with allergies and asthma, as pollutants and mold may cause an attack. Not only is air quality beneficial for human health, but it is also good for protecting furniture and technology. With filters and ventilation maintaining proper humidity levels, wood grains, leather, and computers stay functional longer.

Professional Installations

We live in a time of DIY, but some things are easier to hire a professional… air conditioning installation is one of them. If you wanted to try to install an air conditioner yourself, you would need a permit for the system, a permit for the building it's installed in, an EPA certification, and a lot of time. By hiring professionals to install air conditioning for you, you would save yourself the paperwork and the hassle. Plus, most companies offer maintenance plans, allowing you to sit back and know that your new system is properly cared for.

Some professionals are also familiar with different brands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and can recommend which brand would work best for you.

Why Install Air Conditioning

If you are looking to cut back on your indoor popsicle intake, keep your home protected, and stay healthy, you should consider installing air conditioning. Air conditioning will improve your health as the air in your home is properly ventilated, and it will give you the power to control the temperature and humidity and keep it at levels that are comfortable for you. As the cooler months come your way, you’ll be prepared to keep your skin hydrated and your sick days at bay. Plus, you’ll stay cool in the meantime.

If you're in Southeast Idaho and need a new air conditioning installation or any repairs, give us a call!