Unfortunately, fall is coming to an end, and winter is just around the corner. While winter isn’t everyone’s favorite time of the year, there are some exciting things to look forward to in this next season.

Outdoor activities bring a lot of joy and fun (especially in Idaho Falls). On top of that, the holiday season is coming, and there is nothing better than sitting in your warm house, drinking hot chocolate, and reading a book…until a faulty furnace leaves your home as frigid as the North Pole itself.

When this happens, you know you need to call someone to fix it, but what are some things you should look for when hiring an HVAC contractor? What is important to ask? How do you go about finding a company you can trust?

What is an HVAC Contractor?

To start out, let’s remind ourselves what an HVAC contractor is and what we do here at Modern.

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. So, an HVAC contractor is someone who comes to your home and installs, maintains, or repairs any of these systems. These technicians need to be very knowledgeable in their field to keep you cool in the summertime and warm in winter.

What You Should Know

The last thing you want to deal with is a broken furnace, especially during the holidays with people staying at your house and the freezing temperatures coming.

Fixing your HVAC system is daunting and overwhelming. When you hire someone to fix, install, or repair and maintain an existing unit, you want to trust that they are knowledgeable in what they are doing.

It can be intimidating to choose a contractor because there are so many options, and you may feel unsure about what is essential to find in a trustworthy contractor. Here are a couple of things to look for when hiring and looking for an HVAC contractor:

Do Your Homework First

Before picking an HVAC contractor, do what you can to learn a little bit more about your HVAC system and reputable contractors in your area.

Every state has different rules and regulations about HVAC contractors. Learn the laws in your area and find a company that meets your standard.

Also, try and learn about your system. Providing a record of past maintenance, repair history, and details about your system can help the repairs go smoothly. Who knows, maybe you can troubleshoot the problem yourself and figure out what went wrong.

Doing this homework may be the last thing you want to do, especially with the holidays coming up, but being knowledgeable about your system can help you be prepared and save you stress in the future.

Look For Experience

The experience of the company you work with can make the repairs and maintenance of your HVAC system headache-free and straightforward (which is rare).

At Modern, we have experience with all the top furnace brands (Lennox, Goodman, American Standard, Coleman, and others). It is intimidating knowing which one to choose for your home, how to go about it, and getting it all done promptly.

We can help you decide on the best system for you by answering your questions. We can help you decide on the right brand and approach for your home. Our experience in this field will help this process move efficiently and give you the peace of mind you are seeking.

When looking for an HVAC contractor, you don’t want to go with the newest company. You want people who know the equipment and have experience working with these systems.

Our experience speaks for itself. This year in 2021, we were awarded the Best of Greater Idaho Falls 2021 Winner for air conditioning/HVAC services, electricians, and plumbers. When searching for a trusted company, it can be hard to know if their standard of success is the same as yours. You never have to worry about that with us.

Research Client Reviews

Reading client reviews can help you get a look into what a company is all about. Doing your homework and figuring out what other people have said about the company can help you decide what HVAC contractor is right for you.

Even asking your friends, neighbors, or co-workers about their experiences with HVAC contractors can be beneficial. Doing your homework and learning what you can about a contractor’s previous clients can help you ensure you find the right contractor for your home.

Calling around, talking to previous clients, and researching reviews will give you a good idea about a contractor’s strengths and weaknesses. While reading reviews online, especially on Yelp and other online platforms, read the reviews carefully and be aware of fake or biased reviews.

Some of our reviews from happy clients include:

“Modern was quick, professional, and responsive. Office staff is among the best I’ve worked with. We will surely call Modern again.” - Eric B.

“The guys were great. They showed up on time and didn’t quit until they did all they could do. They were friendly, courteous, and a great pleasure to work with.” - Patsy D.

If you are interested in hearing reviews from more of our clients, give us a call, and we would be happy to share some of our client reviews with you.

Expect a Home Evaluation

When looking to install a new HVAC system, you should expect to receive a home evaluation. This inspection and evaluation can help the contractor guide you in deciding on the right system for you. Every home is different, and choosing the system best fit for your home will bring many benefits in the long run.

A lot of factors go into choosing the right system, so a home evaluation can help determine which one is the best fit. A couple of things that the contractor should look for include:

  • The size and square footage of your home
  • The number of windows and doors (as well as which direction they are facing)
  • Check the duct system for leaks or repairs needed
  • Loose/old insulation that needs replacing

The home evaluation is a crucial step in determining the right system. A bigger system is not always better, and doing this inspection can help you decide on the best design.


HVAC systems can get very expensive, really quick. Choosing the cheapest contractor is not always the best idea and can end up being the most expensive in the long run. No one wants to face continual repairs, maintenance, and replacements.

A good rule for all contractors (of all types, not just HVAC) is that the cheapest may not be the best option. Choosing a company that you trust who has the experience and knowledge you need is imperative. The peace of mind that comes with a trusted company is worth it.

Frequently, the cheapest option doesn’t have the experience, licenses, or knowledge that benefits you the most. A cheaper alternative may result in a shorter life of your HVAC system, more breakdowns, and more repairs.

Finally, request a price breakdown from your contractor. Understanding how the bill is created will help you gain confidence and trust in your contractor.

Now What?

You are now ready to move forward and find the best HVAC contractor for you. Using these simple tips, doing your homework, and being prepared to ask questions will help you feel confident going forward while making this decision.

The final tip is to follow your gut. Choose a contractor who makes you feel heard, answers your questions, offers sound advice, and wants to help.

If you are in need of a new HVAC system, need repairs on your current one, or are looking for an expert opinion on your heating, electrical, air conditioning, plumbing, air quality, or numerous of these services for your newly constructed home, give us a call and we would love to help.