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Heating Services


As a leading East Idaho heating contractor, we offer all aspects of heating services in every type of home or business. We promise the best service at the best price. Our staff is both knowledgeable and courteous and will always look out for the best interests of our customers. 

We offer heating services from traditional furnaces to everything in between, including fireplaces, water heaters, and unit heaters. If you need a heating related repair we can fix it, or if you need a price on a replacement we’ll come give you an estimate for free! 

We offer the following services:

  • Repair, Replacement, Service, New Construction, and Remodels
  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Applications
  • Natural Gas, Propane, Electric, and Heat Pumps
  • Boilers, Furnaces, Air Conditioners, Water Heaters, Fireplaces, Humidifiers, Unit Heaters, Mini Splits, Wall Heaters, Thermostats, Air Cleaners, Gas Piping, UV Lights, and Dryer Vents
  • Duct Design and Heat Loss Calculations

Contact us today for a quote on any of our heating services!