Spring Cleaning Checklist

As winter comes to a close and we welcome spring, it is time to start thinking about spring cleaning. There are things we need to do every spring to get our homes back in order after the long winter indoors. You may already do some deep cleaning like dusting and washing windows to get your home cleaned up, but did you know that there is more you can do to get the air inside your home cleaner and help maintain your HVAC system? Here is a checklist to help accomplish that.

Sweep and mop your floors.

As we start opening windows and doors more, it is a good idea to keep surfaces that pollen and dust settle on cleaned. Sweeping and mopping regularly can help keep allergen levels down inside your home.

Wash your counters and tables.

These surfaces are best if they are kept cleaned, the more frequently they are cleaned, the better. You don’t want allergens settling on surfaces and getting stirred up into the air.

Change the furnace/AC filter.

Filters need to be changed at least every 3 months, more frequently if needed.  Keeping the air filter clean will help your HVAC system work more efficiently and can help reduce the amount of dust and pollen that is inside your home.  Some systems have washable/reusable filters that you can wash, it’s best to spray them off outside with a garden hose or take them down to the car wash, as to not clog your sink or drain with the contents from the filter.  Other systems have filters that need to be replaced regularly, and these can be purchased from your local home improvement store.

Clean your vents.

You can clean the vents with your vacuum. Use the hose on your vacuum with the brush/upholstery attachment and vacuum the vent cover. You can also wipe them off with a damp cloth or remove them and scrub them, be sure to let them dry off completely before putting them back on.

Have ducts cleaned.

You probably don’t need to have your air ducts cleaned every year, but you definitely want to check them occasionally.  Debris that ends up in the ducts can make its way down to the furnace and cause unnecessary repairs/damage.  Although not very common, mold can sometimes grow in the ductwork, which can be serious because the mold spores can get blown into the air you are breathing when the furnace and/or AC is running.  If you are noticing uncommon allergy-like or respiratory symptoms you may want to have the duct work checked. Duct cleaning is something you should have done professionally and may cost anywhere between $300 and $1500. Spring is the perfect time to have this taken care of.

Clean up the clutter around your house.

When you have stuff everywhere, there are more things for dust and pollen to settle on. Cleaning up the clutter can keep the dust from settling on things you wash regularly, like the floor and countertops.

Remove weeds from the outdoor AC Unit.

Be sure to keep the area around the unit free of weeds, flowers, bushes, shrubs, and debris, this will help your AC unit function properly and run more efficiently.


Once you have completed your checklist, you are ready to enjoy the spring. If you have any concerns about your HVAC system, call Modern PHE at (208) 745-7021.

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